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Re: Pig + choke avb. in Washington

Original poster: Erik Byng <ebyng@xxxxxxxx>

Hi again list!

The choke and insulators are spoken for, but I've still got a 15kVa pig available (and it's cart). Repainted, works just fine. Available with the cart for $150, local pickup. I'll throw in a few misc. insulators for free to sweeten the deal. I've also got a set of 15/30 NST's available to interested parties, $25/pc +shipping on the NST's. The lone 9/30 is $20, same deal.

Somebody, come pick this stuff up! Amaze and awe the neighbors! Pose ominously with your very own flat black pole pig!
Replies by interested parties off-list, please (give Terry a break :p).

Best regards,