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kVA Effects DVD

Original poster: "Teslacoil Workshop" <workshop@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Steve et. al.,

Thanks for the kind welcomes...

As for the DVD... It is Promotional Only as it contains scenes that are
"loaned" to me courtesy of NBC, Mercedes, etc. for promo use only.

I mailed Terry's copy today and Chip and his son are coming over tomorrow
for a VIP tour of Universal Studios so I'll give him his copy in person. I
have MPEG1 and higher res MPEG2 versions of all the DVD's chapters so in a
week or so, I hope to make that available to the TCML.

Eye candy soon guys and gals...

Speaking of Gals... Have we recruited more women into this hobby yet during
my absence? You will notice in the video that three out of four of my stunt
performers are female so I'm doing my part for equality. Dads: are you
teaching your daughters about science? ;-)


> BTW: is there a way we can purchase a copy of the DVD?
> Steve - seattle