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First Light :)

Original poster: "Justin Kimber" <jmkimber@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi All.

Just after some general opinion.

Fired up my newly finished 6" 4xMOT powered coil tonight and seeing as tho
its my first, im pretty rapt with myself.

Here is the specs:

PSU: 4 x MOTs limited with 8 x MO caps, giving a total of about 9.6kV
Main Gap: Static sucker gap at set about 0.2" (didn't measure it to
accurately for first light)
Safety Gap: Normal centre grounded 3 point gap parallel to PSU
Tank Cap: 3x10 Strings of 2kV 0.15uf (CD942) MMC of 45nf @ 20kV (undersized
id expect for the current the power source is supplying)
Primary: 10 Turns 0.25" Copper tube 0.25" spacing (tapped at 7.5 turns for
first light)
Secondary: ~6" wound for 24" for 24AWG
Topload: 5" duct 19" overall diameter (probably small too)

Ground: Very poor I know, 1.4m copper clad rod only half pounded in (needed
to remove it easily after run)

I got 90cm ~35" streamers from my first few short runs.

Don't have a site up but I have a lot of rough pics here:
http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v296/hangfire/Tesla (hopefully link works)

Give me your opinions of my setup.