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Re: big coil history

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

"Hi Ed,

Take a nice lumped theory Tesla coil model like this:


And try and work through it with pencil and paper ;-))"

	Well, certainly not the whole circuit performance but could have
estimated SRF of secondary, knowing that streamer loading would have
made it somewhat lower.  I don't know what topload that capacitance
represents but a good starting estimate would have been based on a guess
at the capacitance of the "equivalent sphere", as determined by ruler
and eyeball.  Then could calculate approximate primary inductance from
primary capacitor value.   Primary would have had extra turns to allow
tuning "for maximum good".  Certainly enough to get the initial coil
construction to be good enough for a finished product (enough turns on
the primary at least).

	Adjustment for optimum coupling and best primary tap would have gone
ahead by guess and by gosh.  Certainly couldn't have estimated streamer
length, power input, etc..