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Re: Charles Yost's passing

Original poster: Harvey Norris <harvich@xxxxxxxxx>

--- Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: > Original poster: "Colin Quinney" <crquin@xxxxxxxxxx> > > (forwarded message) > > Dear Friends, > > We regret to inform you that Tuesday, March 29, at > 8:30 pm, Charles Yost > passed away at his home. Charles had been diagnosed > with pancreatic > cancer, and chose to go naturally. > > Charles was the executive editor of the Electric > Spacecraft Journal. He > used his time on earth to support and encourage > innovative explorations > and new ways of looking at things of a scientific > nature. He is perhaps > best known as the NASA engineer who developed Temper > (memory) Foam. > > We at ESJ hope to continue the journal with renewed > effort to publish more > frequently. Richard Hull will be taking over as > executive editor. We hope > to continue as a forum for critical thinkers and > garage tinkerers. We > regret, however, that nobody will be able to replace > Charles in his > capacity to listen to so many of you with such > interest. With a little > time, we intend to lend support to independent > researchers, just as > Charles envisioned we would. The study of electrical resonance is by no means confined to "Tesla Coils". For many of us it became a springboard that launched us into other avenues of exploration. But that was the starting point. Here I am reminded of the death of Marc Metlica, who did some good work in that TC area, but I barely knew him by aquaintance. On my last visit to his place I saw that our opinions on things were widely separated in viewpoints, but I did not voice my dissent.

There are so many things to be discovered, quite
beyond what tesla coilers deal with in their trade in
replications of high frequency transformers, that
perhaps they do not see the larger picture of
contradictions in laws that exist, just because it is
irrevalent to them in their pursuit of the high
frequency transformer actions: just like a set of
blinders placed on a horse to make him walk straight
according to the drivers commands.

Why does one seek to hide knowledge then? If it falls
outside the walk of the horse with his blinders on, it
is irrevalent to the horse. The horse only walks as he
is told to walk. In the meantime, so many fruitfull
avenues of other explorations get ignored. This is not
in the spirit of how Tesla would act.

And sometimes those avenues get called psuedo/voodoo
science. And the end result is the lack of evidence to
explore that street because it is off topic. And the
driver says thats okay, my horse goes where I tell it
to go, and we will go where no one else has gone
before, quite a unique pathway of discovery, and my
horse and I will be quite content to explore it for
ourselves. Perhaps the analogy here holds more then
what the mere words can indicate, without a V between
the beginning and the end.