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Re: Coiler's in Missouri

Original poster: "Steven Steele" <sbsteele@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Is Georgia close enough to Missouri?
           Steven Steele

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Subject: RE: Coiler's in Missouri

Original poster: "Steve Studer" <reddykguy@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hey There,
I live in Knob Noster MO. at the end of the runway of Whiteman Air Force Base.
Steve Studer

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Subject: Coiler's in Missouri Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 08:29:01 -0700

Original poster: "Medina, Benjamin (UMR-Student)" <bamxbb@xxxxxxx>

Hello folks,

I wish to know if there are any coilers in or near Missouri.

All replies will be greatly appreciated.


Ben Medina
Rolla, MO.