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Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Wow Ed!!

You used a computer and everything (my favorite) ;-))

I have found that there is "always" someone that did it before "me" in life.... But your description here certainly puts you "up there"!!!

Interesting study of the great ideas and things that got "lost" along the way... If I had Ed's program in the 80's, it would have saved me a "decade++" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



At 05:39 PM 3/29/2005, you wrote:

        One of the first things I did when I first got my original TRS-80
(1978) was to write a simple QuickBasic program for calculation of the
LF inductance and SRF of unloaded coils, using Wheeler's approximations
for inductance and a lookup table interpolation of "Medhurst" data from
the fourth edition of the Radiotron Designer's Handbook.  At the same
time I wrote a mutual inductance program based on the methods in
Circular 74, with the specific purpose of calculating coupling in TC's.
Later on I moved them over to my Mac SE and turned them into compiled
basic, then back into compiled basic on a PC.  I suspect other guys used
the procedure earlier but never bothered to write about it.