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Original poster: "Malcolm Watts" <m.j.watts@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Paul,

On 28 Mar 2005, at 12:41, Tesla list wrote:

> Original poster: Paul Nicholson <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> "rb" wrote:
>  > Im glad Terry didnt kill the thread it was/is a great overview > of
>  developments.
> Yes, I enjoyed Bob's concise summary of the history of
> developments since 2000.  He has a fine grasp of all the
> theoretical issues, as do a handful of others on the list.
> Amongst most list members though, the majority who just enjoy
> coiling and are not actively studying the theory, it seems there's
> still a lot of confusion.  Some of it's down to terminology, and I
> guess we should work harder to explain things better.  It's no good
> referring people to a paper full of math, and for this reason I try to
> do expository posts if I see something that seems to be wrong or
> misunderstood.  You can't just say "Hey that's wrong" without giving a
> thorough explanation of why.  Even if the advice is rejected by the
> intended recipient, at least others may find some of it an interesting
> read (I hope!).


> A questions for the old timers...Who first introduced the use of
> Medhurst C into Tesla coil calculations, and when?

I independently discovered it and its usefulness. It is on record in
a 1995 publication. I have since had reason to believe that at least
one other person (unknown to me) had attempted to introduce it before
I did. At the time I joined this forum, it was not widely (if ever)
mentioned and I pushed it for all it was worth.


> Perhaps there are items in the TCBA archives that reveal how coils
> were explained and calculated during those two decades? It would be
> nice to review some of them. -- Paul Nicholson Manchester, UK. --