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Re: Hell Night

Original poster: "Brian" <ka1bbg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Sorry to hear that. did your ford have cruise control? ford has a large
recall because a switch caused fires even when the engine was off. better
check that recall! somebody send him a screwdriver..cul brian f.
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> Original poster: stork <stork@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> > > > > 3/27/05 > > Over the past twenty years I have enjoyed Tesla coiling and various high > energy-HV pursuits. I have collected a vast array of books, instruments > and just plane interesting and good "stuff". I have made many different > coils, projects, models and instruments. My three car garage turned > into a two car garage with a hobbyist lab/shop in one bay and along two > walls. In addition to my electronic equipment, I put together a modest > shop with many tools and power equipment. As time went by my collection > grew bigger and even better and I have spent enumerable pleasurable > hours with my hobby. I know our avocation is often considered > dangerous, but I always practice it with care and caution. > > On 3/24/05 I left work and arrived home about 5:30 PM. I parked my 2000 > Ford Expedition in the middle bay and went through the breezeway into my > house. I went up to my small office just off my bed room on the second > floor of my house to work on my computer. Just after 7:00 PM we heard a > muffled boom and the windows shook a little. My wife asked if I heard > that noise and I said 'yes, I think it's just a truck in front of the > house' (the road crews were re-surfacing the road at night). She > thought someone was trying to enter our house through the back so we > turned on the back outside lights and there seemed to be no problem. We > heard another noise down stairs so I went down to investigate. Nothing > and no one was in the house. But, as I rounded the corner to the > breezeway I heard a muffled cracking sound in the garage. I was sure > someone was in the garage. I cracked the door open and reached in and > flipped on the light. I opened the door and to my complete surprise and > astonishment I found not a person, but fire and black smoke billowing > up. I have two garage fire extinguishers, but immediately knew I could > not manage the situation with them. I slammed the door and told my wife > to call 911. > > I ran back through the house and out the front door to the driveway in > front of the garage. The intense heat caused two garage doors to > partially open about half way. The flames quickly spread and completely > engulfed my Expedition and my wife's just paid for 1997 BMW. The fire > spread incredibly fast. At that point, I knew it was really dangerous > and yelled for my wife to run out the back door onto our dock, which she > did. I ran out to the street to direct the fire trucks when they came. > Even though the fire station is only two miles away it seemed like it > took them forever to get there and set up. > > The fire was an inferno at this point. The garage was totally consumed > in flames and there were about a dozen more explosions. There was one > huge explosion and fire and debris ejected about 50 feet out the garage > doors and the garage roof lifted up several feet. A fire ball went up > past the top of the surrounding oak trees to about 75 - 100 feet. One > oak tree caught on fire. The fire started going up the breezeway under > the eves to my house. At that point, I suddenly knew the house would > catch on fire and probably burn to the ground. > > The Navy and Coast Guard were conducting night maneuvers out on the St > Johns River behind my house. A helicopter saw my wife on the end of the > dock and directed a Coast Guard boat over to the dock with its search > light. My wife sure did appreciate those two guys coming over to help > her. I did too. > > When the fire engines arrived the fire was up to the breezeway and > starting to enter the house. These guys were tremendous. Their plan > was to attack the fire at the breezeway/house and try to cut it off from > the inferno in the garage. Miraculously, it worked. It took over three > hours to get the fire out. > > We got out with the clothes on our backs and are in a Holiday Inn now. > Our home is extensively damaged and we will be out of it for about eight > months for repair. The breezeway, adjacent trees, garage and both cars > are destroyed. My beloved equipment, tools and invaluable treasures no > longer exist. > > Of course, the real question is how did all this happen? I will tell > you categorically our hobby had nothing at all to do with this > catastrophe. When I initially went into the garage and saw the fire, it > was under the Expedition engine area. Flames were coming out around the > driver's side wheel well and around the hood where it was fitted to the > SUV. A large amount of black smoke was also coming out of this area. There > was no other area burning or out of order in the garage. The fire was > entirely caused by the car. > > I write only to inform you disasters can and do happen, and that we should > all continuously strive for safety in what ever we do. > > The only good thing about all of this is Anne and I are still alive and > not hurt. Even though it will take a good year of our lives to recover, > only material things were lost. Oh well, I don't even own a screw > driver now. > > stork > > > > > > > > > > >