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Re: high coupling -> racing sparks was Re: horizontal half wave(double ended) coil

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Paul,

At 06:23 AM 3/27/2005, you wrote:
But, nobody is studying these things.
Perhaps the new generation of solid stage systems will offer the
precise control necessary for such work.
Paul Nicholson

My DRSSTC is computer controlled :-))))

Last night I wrote a little program to do:

1 cycle, wait 1 sec, 2 cycles, wait 1 sec, 3 cycles, wait on sec..... to 30 cycles...

I can vary the power at will and the "BPS" from 40 Hz to ~250 Hz...

The firing cycle pulse width can be varied (on the fly) from 10uS to 500uS...

Specs (slightly out of date due to new top terminal and protection chokes. ~103kHz now) are at:



I am all ears if you know something fun to test!!