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Re: high coupling -> racing sparks was Re: horizontal half wave(double ended) coil

Original poster: Paul Nicholson <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi All,

In case my previous post sounded pessimistic, I should say that
I think Lee has done at least as much thought and calculation
as any other bipolar coil builder has ever done.  He's used the
best tools and advice - what more can he do now other than build
it and see if it works?

Bob Jones wrote:

> Hi k causes more energy to be coupled in to the high order modes

True, and I've often wondered if that had anything to do with
racing arcs.   But there is no evidence one way or the other,
and the theoretical evidence is inconclusive.  We know the
higher mode energy is there but we don't know if it matters.

Nobody is studing racing arcs, everyone tries to avoid them,
and successfully too.  How often do we see someone complaining
about racing arcs these days?   The popular cure, reduce k, must
be working.  At this rate, we may never know what was behind the
racing arcs.

And there might be some benefits to high k and the higher mode
energy which goes with it.  But, nobody is studying these things.
Perhaps the new generation of solid state systems will offer the
precise control necessary for such work.
Paul Nicholson