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Re: DC powered Coil single phase 14.4KV 5KVA pig DCPTC ?-)

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> Original poster: Jim Lux <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> At 07:29 AM 3/25/2005, you wrote:
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>> > The cap recharge cycle is so rapid that the movement of the spark gap
>> > electrodes is essentially a moot point.  All you need is adequate
>> current
>>in a gap setup as SPDT and a constant DC supply of power, you can run at
>>almost any break rate. That's what I'm after. You need a decent sized
>>filter cap, but they exist.
> And a fair amount of stored energy in that filter cap.  If you want the
> ripple in the DC voltage to be less than, say, 10%, the energy stored in
> the cap has to be such that the energy goes from 100% down to 81% during a
> half cycle.  Figuring 120 charging pulses/second, and 2400W energy into

I want to run at more than 120 charges per second, that's why the DC power
supply is handy. You're no longer limited to multiples of 60Hz where the
line volage is just high enough to use.

> the > coil (to make the math easy), your coil is consuming some 20 Joules per > half cycle. Your cap will need to store at least 5 times that, or > 100J. If you want to run 10kW, the cap will need to store 500J. For > 20kV, > that's not all that huge a capacitor (a couple microfarads or so). > > You might consider using an inductor to store some of the energy after > rectification.

Not sure where to get something like that. High voltage DC caps are
luckily, quite plentiful.