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Re: DC powered Coil single phase 14.4KV 5KVA pig DCPTC ?-)

Original poster: Jim Lux <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

At 07:29 AM 3/25/2005, you wrote:
Original poster: tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx>
> The cap recharge cycle is so rapid that the movement of the spark gap
> electrodes is essentially a moot point.  All you need is adequate current

in a gap setup as SPDT and a constant DC supply of power, you can run at
almost any break rate. That's what I'm after. You need a decent sized
filter cap, but they exist.

And a fair amount of stored energy in that filter cap. If you want the ripple in the DC voltage to be less than, say, 10%, the energy stored in the cap has to be such that the energy goes from 100% down to 81% during a half cycle. Figuring 120 charging pulses/second, and 2400W energy into the coil (to make the math easy), your coil is consuming some 20 Joules per half cycle. Your cap will need to store at least 5 times that, or 100J. If you want to run 10kW, the cap will need to store 500J. For 20kV, that's not all that huge a capacitor (a couple microfarads or so).

You might consider using an inductor to store some of the energy after rectification.