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Re: Terry's DRSSTC

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

"In a message dated 3/24/05 7:30:08 PM Pacific Standard Time,
tesla@xxxxxxxxxx writes:
Thanks for your prompt response. How do you join the ends of your
toroid? I
put two slits down the sides of one end and compressed it just enough to
slide about one inch of it inside the other end. I then took aluminum
tape and sealed this joint as smoothly as I could. Someone else told me
"sew" the ends together with small gauge copper wire but this looks like
would be incredibly difficult to line up and keep in line while sewing,
especially if attempted alone by some sucker who is legally blind! {:-)
advice is welcome. Anyone else care to tell how they connect the ends of
their toroids?
Paul Brodie


I did it exactly like you did.

Ed Sonderman"

	I have had good luck with a somewhat different technique, which is
somewhat simpler than some presented here.  I use masking tape to hold
the ends together (takes someone to hold them for first taping), first
on the outside edge, then on the inside, then on the top and then on the
botton.  That in out up down stuff assumes the thing is flat on a
table.  I then wrap enough masking tape around the joint to hold it a
bit more firmly.  Next step is to wrap the entire ring with several
layers of masking tape, just as one would do with aluminum tape except
the masking tape is a lot cheaper.  By careful wrapping the masking tape
will fill in a lot of the valleys between ribs.  Final step is to wrap
the ring with aluminum tape as per usual.  The initial practice with
masking tape helps to make this job neat.

	At that point the surface of the ring is all metallic and forms the
real top terminal, even though the masking tape insulates it from the
duct at the core.  Next step is to cut disks of hard fiber board to such
a diameter that they are about an inch apart when put on opposite sides
of the inside of the ring.  Three holes are drilled for screws to hold
the plates together and a fourth hole is drilled in the middle for
mounting.  One or both of the plates are then wrapped with foil and the
whole assembly bolted together.  Easier to do than it sounds in this
tangled description and works beautifully IF ONE IS VERY VERY CAREFUL.