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Re: Streamer colour

Original poster: "Bob (R.A.) Jones" <a1accounting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Yes a great pic.

I think the pic show two different types of discharge that did not occur at
the same time.  It only appears that way because of the relatively long
exposure time (compared to the individual discharges) of the pic.

I believe at one point in time you have the branched relatively well defined
discharge that does not necessarily end in a defuse discharge.
At an other time your have a defuse discharge normally called coroner or
brush discharge which normally shows as a defuse glow in a pic. It tends to
be more intense near the electrodes and can extend across the gap.  I have
examined what I believe is a similar defuse discharge by eye and it appears
to consists of numerous interrupted filaments. Each element is only mms long
and appears as  flash.  It reminds me of iron filling pattern between
magnets but the fillings only appear as flashes much like the snow on a
television screen. The pattern could be an optical allusion. Dark adapted
vision is distinctly noisy and it may be my brain has connected the random
dots in to a pattern I was expecting.

It seems unlikely that both discharges would occur simultaneously because I
would expect the bright branched  channels to short out the distance and the
defuse discharge to occur only at the ends of the channels.

I processed your pic.  The blue violet color of the diffuse discharge  has
very little green content where as the distinct branched discharge is much
closer to white.
There does not appear to be a glow associated with the ends of the branched
discharge. If the line features are enhanced in the image the defuse glow
appears to have an interrupted filament structure as described above. That
structure may be an artifact of the imaging system, the data storage or
enhancement or even an optical illusion. If the image is rotated it rotates
with the image so it is probably not an artifact of the enhancement.
If you have an other pic with the discharge at 45deg to the left right of
the image I could process that which may confirm it is structure within the

I will send the processed pics to Terry if any one is interested

Robert (R. A.) Jones
A1 Accounting, Inc., Fl
407 649 6400
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> Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx> > > I have a comment. In running my VDG and observing sparks in a dark > room I see an interesting effect. Often I get a segmented spark which > looks about like this: > > First part, coming from the top terminal, is a fairly straight 4" spark, > ending in > > Second part, a point from which am "umbrella" of purplish sparks emerge > and strike whatever. > > I don't know what causes this phenomenon (bet Antonio does), but it is > obvious that the current density for the bright blue part must be higher > than that of the whole bunch of purple coming front of it. > > Ed > > P.S. I wonder how much of what we see is real and what is introduced by > things associated with how the eye sees stuff of very wide brightness > range. > >