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I have some extra IGBTs

Original poster: Rich Simpson <richcreations@xxxxxxxxx>

I dissasembled a variable speed drive at work today, it was a toshiba unit rated for 25hp@480v 3 phase.
it had 3 very large transistors (IGBTs) they are about 4"x2"x1.5" in size, have 3 large terminals, and two small ones.
the number on them is (toshiba) MG100N2YS1, again there are three of them, I also have the rectifer, and 4 filter caps(2700mfd/450v electrolytics)

the drive worked fine, we just upgraded our system and did not need it any more...

if anyone has a use for them, let me know, and we can make a deal, either some cash or trade.

I also have a 40hp drive, that I can strip for parts as well.