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Re: LC derivation II

Original poster: jdwarshui@xxxxxxxxx


 L = u Nsqrd  Area / l

 r/2l  x  Surface area solenoid = Area

Assuming spherical capacitor for the top end:

Capacitance = surface area sphere x  e/R

Placing both of these into:

Freq. = 1 / 2 pi sqrt(LC)

Removing u and e  from the radical as C

Placing an r in the numerator of the radical and pulling an r out of
the radicals denominator. Gives us:

Frequency = C/ wire length x sqrt (  [2 (l sqrd) R r] / [ (Sa sphere x
Sa solenoid)] )

Again the units of 1/s come from the velocity of light divided by the
wire length. The rest of the expression has no units and can be
thought of as a scaling factor.

We have been told numerous times  that we have a pathological fixation
on wire length. Hmmmm,  is that so?

Jared Dwarshuis, Larry Morris
March 05