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Terry's DRSSTC

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi All,

Just thought I would update you on my DRSSTC stuff.

My old toroid was getting "comments" like it was too small, old, and beat up, "recycled junk" :-p So I made a nice new one:


Just 4 inch dryer duct, but I have two nice pizza pans between it now. It is wider and stands up more from the secondary to maybe help fix the arc to the primary thing. It also tunes right at the last turn on the primary now. I did not "calculate" that, but rather kept chopping the brass all-thread rod with bolt cutters till it tuned in ;-)) So maybe the coil looks more "pretty" now ;-))))

For testing, I sort of sit at the table like the Wizard of Oz!!! All this solid state stuff is really easy to play with and super predictable!!


BTW - Tonight I managed to accidently click the thing into the discharge mode while running, and the 3 amp protection fuse blew just like it was supposed to... No problem at all with that "test".

I played with tuning testing through the resonant point and easily saw the 1st and 2nd mode shifts with an extra adjustable inductor:


Just used 1/4 inch fuse clips there before everyone asks ;o)) Everything seems to match the models well but I seem to be using less total power than the models predict. Maybe that 220k+1pF/foot things needs adjustment now ;-)) But have to run a lot more models to figure that out...

I have DRSSTC protectors in-line now too:


Not tested "yet", but they are in there for when I goof up next :o))

I am very please with the little cheap Velleman scope thing:


Very convenient to use and seems to tell me all I need to know!!

I can't run big arcs here in the basement:


Seems to be a bit crowded these days :o))