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Safety Gaps and filters

Original poster: JBarrett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

A few months ago I ask for some help with my 4" Tesla Coil and you guys were GREAT.
I made some changes like purchasing some better capacitor(s) and a Aluminum Toroid. (not sure of spelling) Changed primary from conical to a flat spiral.
Unfortunately I had to try my new confiquaration out (prior to purchasing the new caps). The coil didn't fire but my home computer did. The power supply inside looked like toast!.
I think my coil was the cause of this. SO my question is can somebody direct me on the proper construction and use of safety gaps and/or filters?
I'm using 1 12,000 volt NST
21" of #22 guage wire wrapped on a 4.5" PVC pipe.
1/4" copper pipe mounted in UMHW plastic
Single air cooled spark gap ( two pieces of 1.5" brass stock mounted in plastic) adjustable .
two caps @25kv .005uf General Electric
one cap @28kv 0.01 Universal Voltronics
Jim B