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Re: Tesla coil help

Original poster: "Jim Lux" <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

You need to get one of the tesla coil calculators (or online.. there's some
java based ones... look at http://www.pupman.com/)
and start running some numbers.

A 15 kV NST (30 or 60 mA?) is a good start.  A secondary about 2 ft tall and
4-6" in diameter will work well with a 30 mA transformer, and makes the
whole coil a convenient table top size.  use the calculators to run the
numbers for your capacitors. What kind of capacitors are they?  Are they
going to stand up to TC duty (not all HV caps are alike, and some are really
bad for TC duty).

As a practical matter, you might run them series parallel to make a 20 kV,
0.005 uF capacitor.  That's not a bad size to run off a 15kV/30mA NST (more
capacitance would be better... if you're really brave, you could run them
all in parallel to make 0.02 uF, but watch out, that's pretty close to a
resonant size with a 15/30, so safety gaps are definitely needed.

Next steps up vary, depending on budget and scrounging.

Some folks have used multiple microwave oven transformers wired in series
You can run NSTs in parallel to increase the current
You can get a stack of 4 of those copier transformers (4500V @ 400 mA)
you can get a potential transformer or pole pig.

You really, really want to start with the NST coil, just to get a feel for
what can go wrong (lots!) and how to construct things. But, keep your eyes
open for stuff that might be useful when it comes to building the next one.
Things like a big hunk of PVC pipe (10 or 12 inch diameter, 6 ft long),
things to build the toroid with, spark gap stuff, capacitors,  a welder or
something to ballast the big transformer, etc.

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> Original poster: Motosk8er2@xxxxxxx > > Hello im interested in building a tesla coil with BIG lightning bolts.....I > would like to use the transformer and caps i have now....what would be the > biggest secondary i could use with a 15kv nst and 4 .005mfd at 10kvac caps. > Also whats the next step up from that kind of transformer. I mean is a pole > pig the next step? Your replys are greatly appreiciated > > > > Andrew > >