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Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Ed,

At 11:17 AM 3/19/2005, you wrote:
"Hi Ed,

A 1:1 switch to 1:10  60MHz probe is already included.  It has a cal
cap to so you can compensate it.  It is an inexpensive type but overkill
for this scope ;-)



Does that mean that their part number N010SHPS10 for $135.00 includes a
probe and that nothing more is necessary?

Yes, the probe is included with the scope so you do not need to buy a separate one. But you will need to supply your own 5 x AA alkaline batteries since "batteries not included". It runs about 20 hours on a set and has 15 min, 1 hour, or none auto off so "I" don't think the adaptor and rechargables are really worth it. But I get AAs in bulk from digikey too... You are not supposed to use the AC adaptor with regular batteries. There are also optional bags and holsters, but I never use stuff like that.

I'd like the convenience of a
probe but don't want to buy an extra one which would be useless for
anything else.

For <1MHZ stuff, I tend to just use a BNC to alligator clip leads for stuff that can supply good current (1M 20pF input Z). But the probe is nice for sensitive circuits, higher voltage, and for clipping onto or probing little parts. The probe is certainly inexpensive (unlike the $300 "each" Tek P5100's I love so much!) , but it works fine.

  I notice that the web special part number NO10HPS5 for
$129.00 doesn't seem to have a probe and is listed with a bandwidth of 1
MHz, while no bandwidth is listed for the HPS10 except the statement in
the spec of "10 MHz sampling rate".

Pay the extra $6 bucks for the HPS 10 ;-) The scope probe probably costs them about $6. Not the finest probe and I sort of wonder if it really does 60MHz. But for this scope it is definitely worth having and works fine.

The HPS 10 works very well to 1MHz, Beyond that the signals start to jitter and such from the digital sampling. Possibly useful above 1MHz, but I would not use it beyond that. Seems perfect below 1MHz.

Sorry to bug you but I figure it's easier to get a straight answer from
you - after all you bought one - than talking to some salesman on the
phone. So, what did you buy and what did it cost you?

It was $135 plus $13 shipping for a total of $148. Part number "010SHPS10" is on the invoice (www.elexp.com). Took about 1-1/2 week to get here.

I was using it today to check my DRSSTC protector resonant frequencies and it works really well!! It can easily do those peak or null tuning things for coils. I really like the auto scale function. It works really well and always seems to lock the signal right on in real time. If you just push the time scale button, it goes right back to manual. I WISH the darn $4000 Tek scopes did that!!! It seems like it can do any normal "plain jane" scope function to 1MHz which is like 95% of everything. It also makes a nice regular true RMS volt meter and all that. I will be using it a LOT. It has no power cord, small, portable, cheap, and works fine... I nice fast alternative to the "big" TEK for most little fast scope chores. If this is your "only" scope, you may want the HPS40 since it has a better display and such with the AC adapter. Of course, digital scopes have the "hold" button to lock a waveform which is a giant advantage over analog scopes. Thus is why analog scopes go for a song these days...



Thanks again,