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Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

"Hi Ed,

A 1:1 switch to 1:10  60MHz probe is already included.  It has a cal
cap to so you can compensate it.  It is an inexpensive type but overkill
for this scope ;-)



	Does that mean that their part number N010SHPS10 for $135.00 includes a
probe and that nothing more is necessary?  I'd like the convenience of a
probe but don't want to buy an extra one which would be useless for
anything else  I notice that the web special part number NO10HPS5 for
$129.00 doesn't seem to have a probe and is listed with a bandwidth of 1
MHz, while no bandwidth is listed for the HPS10 except the statement in
the spec of "10 MHz sampling rate".

	Sorry to bug you but I figure it's easier to get a straight answer from
you - after all you bought one  - than talking to some salesman on the
phone. So, what did you buy and what did it cost you?

Thanks again,