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Re: Wireless transmission of power,

Original poster: TCBal@xxxxxxx

ED STEVE---: It could easily be encrypted to time coded frequencies transmission. That may not even be nescessary in every clients case. Power companys do it today. You have seen the streetlights come on and off. That is frequency transmission code at work. Power companys turn things on and off, up and down, by sending signals down the line. The whole system would put estimates of future power usage in an entirely new light, as electricity used would be much more accurately measurable and the only "electricity" "out and about" would be that which was actually being used. Metering is simplicity itself. We meter electricity today don't we? After all is said: , it would be more like renting or subscribing; maybe more like the british television tax. (which would bring the electric bill down, but under complete govt. control for a while.) TCB