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Re: Terry's DRSSTC - First light ;-))

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Paul,

At 08:54 AM 3/8/2005, you wrote:

Could a DC blocking capacitor be added in series with the ground connection
to the tesla coil secondary?  In the event of a strike to the primary the DC
bus caps cannot then discharge through the IGBT into the ground via the
secondary.  Just an idea, maybe there is greater problems than this to worry
about or this just adds further problems.



I have been thinking real hard on this %:-)

I blew two more IGBTs Sunday when a streamer either hit the primary again or the DRSSTCs case at 41 inches!!! They guy closest said it hit the case where others though the primary got hit (no cam this time). Happily, it just blows pairs of IGBTs which is not bad to fix at all!

A DC block all by itself still lets bad RF through, but simply adding an inductor forms a bandpass filter that may indeed do the trick!! I wrote up the details here:


Thanks for the starting idea!!