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Re: Wireless power transmission

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In a message dated 3/15/05 2:33:08 PM Eastern Standard Time, tesla@xxxxxxxxxx writes:
("Dr. Nicola Tesla, Complete Patents")

"Expressed briefly, my present invention, based on these discoveries,
consists then in producing at one point an electrical pressure of such
character and magnitude as to cause thereby a current to traverse
elevated strata of air between the points of generation and a distant
point at which the energy is to be received and utilized."  Lines
114-121, page 313.

"In the transmitting apparatus the Coil A constitutes the high-tension
secondary and the coil C the primary of much lower tension of a
transformer.  - - - One terminal of the secondary is . . . led by a
conductor B to a terminal D ... maintained . . . at an elevation
suitable for the purposes of transmission, as described."  Lines 2-13,
page 314.

  This is clearly and undeniably

description of a system for
transmitting power by producing a high voltage between a ground terminal
and the conducting elevated strata, and transmitting it by means of a
conducting path through the earth and a path through the "elevated
strata".  No mention of "longitudinal waves" or ground waves.

Hi Ed,

Exactly! To quote from the same source:

"The outer end of the secondary of high-tension coil A was connected to the ground as illustrated, while the free end was led to a terminal placed in the rarefied air stratum through which the energy was to be transmitted, which was contained in an insulating tube of a length of fifty feet or more, within which a barometric pressure varying from about one hundred and twenty to one hundred and fifty millimeters was maintained by means of a mechanical suction-pump." Op.cit. lines 369-380.
This correlates well with air pressure at 10-15 miles altitude, a value which he cites elsewhere in the same document. He then talks about the possibility of raising the potential to 10 to 20 million volts to operate in even denser (lower) air, say 10 km. The ionosphere, the theoretical suspicions of which were just beginning, and the proof of the existence of which lay almost two decades in the future, has air pressure 1000 to 10,000 times TOO LOW, and begins at an altitude 80 kilometers HIGHER than the maximum altitude Tesla felt was necessary. He definitely saw atmospheric conduction as a tropospheric or tropopausal phenomenon. Talk of ionospheric transmission by devout "Tesla-ites" (Teslarians?) is just so much thin hot air. (~450 deg.C +) ;-)))

Matt D.