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Re: Wireless transmission of power,

Original poster: TCBal@xxxxxxx

Dear Sir:
Tesla never told a lie in his life. Demeaning the dead is easy, isn't it? You are trying to convince the ignorant to stay away, eh pal? I have already transmitted power from my basement to a town 36 miles off. All true, I am not a liar either. Simple, as well. It worked fine. You are spouting bull. You are right , it would be a license to print money...and it will be...for the govt. that will back it first. By the way, his radio worked just fine. It was used by our fleet and liberty ships right up through the second world war. His radio system is a very solid basis of submarine communications today. Tesla invented Radio. Yeah...you had to give him the polyphase motor...after all...it is everywhere. How is that Niagara Falls powerhouse doing? I think that worked pretty well too. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Tesla fell into your "crackpot" category, I guess. Take it elsewhere, like the Tesla Memorial Society. They don't believe in his work either. Unlike you, I will identify myself. I am still proud of my name: Professor Toby Ballantine