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Re: Wireless transmission of power,

Original poster: jdwarshui@xxxxxxxxx

You can even transmit power without a ground using 100% displacement
current, (see The Levi Configuration on the Tesla Web Ring for single
point power transmission). Now being practical,  you really cannot
transmit  power any further then you can throw an elephant using a
resonant transformers.
  (near fields are fussy that way!)

Tesla was a gambler by nature, and this was the big bet that he lost.
He lied to keep money flowing in the belief that he could pull off a
miracle at the last second. He kept the lie alive because of pride.

Transmitting power without land easement or political intervention
would be license to print money. Tesla was a brilliant man but his
judgment was clouded by greed, arrogance and perhaps a bit of

Tesla is known for his coils, and radio transmitters (his radio didn't
work very well). But his true and lasting accomplishment in life was
the development of the poly phase motor, one of the true great
inventions of all time.