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Re: Rotary Spark Gap for SALE/correction

Original poster: Edward Wingate <ewing7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Tesla list wrote:

Original poster: "Daniel McCauley" <dhmccauley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Dan, all,

The rotor on your gap was not originally designed and machined by me. I modified the rotor, which was originally machined by someone else (for electrodes to be placed on the outer edge facing out), to the current configuration which uses "pass through" electrodes, which is an inherently safer design. Especially with that 10,000 RPM motor! The extra holes visible in the outer periphery between the set screw holes used for the current electrodes were to be used for the electrodes in the original design.

Also, the rotor is not balanced. Visible on the backside of the rotor are center drilled locations that I placed to accommodate the drilling and tapping for balancing screws which were to be added by the original owner.. There is often a large variation in the thickness of G-10, I've seen up to .015", so I would never sell one of my own rotors or a complete gap that hadn't been balanced. Shake, rattle and roll aren't good characteristics for a rotary gap. :^)

Ed Wingate RATCB

I need to unload my Asynchronous rotary spark gap for some fast cash.

First $500.00 (+ shipping) takes it.  PAYPAL only

Complete photos here:

Features 1/4" tungsten electrodes all the way round ground down to very
tight tolerances by Ed Wingate.
The rotary assembly was designed, built, and machined by Ed Wingate.

Motor is NEW
Gap used only one time ever!