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Re: Running the TC for the First Time

Original poster: "Harold Weiss" <hweiss@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Ben,

Very True!

With my new 6", the sync rotory was about 35-40 degrees out of "phase". Running that way, it was drawing 28 A peak with heavy spiking measured on the line side of the xfmr. Using my controllers phase controller, I was barely able to hit the sweet spot bringing the current down to about 14-15A steady. The phase controller can only do about 40 degrees before the motor drops out of sync at 50V. (120V hysterisis sync motor) This type of motor will pick up sync at any position. (either on or 45 out) The salient (shaded?) pole sync motors pick up in the same position every time. The eratic gap behavior had the Terry Filter firing constantly until the in phase condition was reached. That current spiking up to twice the normal draw on the primary side cannot be good. Just think what the HV side is seeing due to the spiking occuring. Just the amount of inductive kickback would be incredible. (try sticking fingers across a 1H choke powered by a 9V battery, remove battery, it bites!)

David E Weiss

Original poster: "Medina, Benjamin (UMR-Student)" <bamxbb@xxxxxxx>

Hello folks. Hope everything is going well. I have a question for you
folks out there.

Somewhere I read that when doing the first trial of your TC, you had to
be very careful since you had to ensure that everything was in sync, or
at resonance, if not you could possible end up destroying your
components. How true it this? Does anyone have any input on this?

We are trying to run our TC for the first time the week of Monday
3/21/05 - Friday 3/25/05, with no topload (toroid). This obviously will
affect the length of the sparks we get b/c the whole purpose of the
toroid is to allow the voltage to build up before breakout. Any
recommendations? How should the setup on the top of the secondary be
like? Or should I use a toroid with the right dimensions (inner and
outer diameter) which was calculated from the Win Tesla Software?

Your comments, corrections, and replies will all be appreciated. Thanks


Ben Medina
Rolla, MO.