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Re: Running the TC for the First Time

Original poster: "colin heath" <colin.heath4@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

hi ben,
            the most important thing is to check you are in tune. i would
suggest putting an earthed rod very near the top of secondary and jusy
turning the voltage up a bit until you get corona or streamers tot he rod
then move the rod back a bit at same input volateg and tune again for max
output. keep doing this until you go past optimal on the tapping point.
if you are running a rotary gap do this with it stopped so you can use lower
next thing is if you are running a syncronous rotary gap. if not dont worry
but if you are the phase needs to be correct.
again do this at lowest voltage poss but with the gap running and keep
stopping th egap and adjusting the position for best output.

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> Original poster: "Medina, Benjamin (UMR-Student)" <bamxbb@xxxxxxx> > > Hello folks. Hope everything is going well. I have a question for you > folks out there. > > Somewhere I read that when doing the first trial of your TC, you had to > be very careful since you had to ensure that everything was in sync, or > at resonance, if not you could possible end up destroying your > components. How true it this? Does anyone have any input on this? > > We are trying to run our TC for the first time the week of Monday > 3/21/05 - Friday 3/25/05, with no topload (toroid). This obviously will > affect the length of the sparks we get b/c the whole purpose of the > toroid is to allow the voltage to build up before breakout. Any > recommendations? How should the setup on the top of the secondary be > like? Or should I use a toroid with the right dimensions (inner and > outer diameter) which was calculated from the Win Tesla Software? > > Your comments, corrections, and replies will all be appreciated. Thanks > again. > > Cheerz, > > Ben Medina > Rolla, MO. > >