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Re: Terry's DRSSTC - First light ;-))

Original poster: "Paul Benham" <paulb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Terry, all,

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> Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> > > I noticed on the real video that the last streamer hit to the primary was > very bright. There was some serious current going through it. I suspect > it was the buss discharging to ground, or the other rail, through the > streamer. If so, it may have been a very high current shot that took out > an IGBT and the opposite one went in turn.

> The current limit would not be able to stop a sudden dead short.  It is
> fast and turning off the IGBT would be hard.  Once the current goes over
> about 1000 amps, it is all over for the IGBT.  In the video, you can see
> what was probably the IGBT die ejecting to the left ;-)

> Cheers,
>          Terry

Could a DC blocking capacitor be added in series with the ground connection to the tesla coil secondary? In the event of a strike to the primary the DC bus caps cannot then discharge through the IGBT into the ground via the secondary. Just an idea, maybe there is greater problems than this to worry about or this just adds further problems.