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Re: High Voltage Transformer

Original poster: BunnyKiller <bunikllr@xxxxxxx>

what you probably are looking for is a 5KVA distribution transformer that has a 120 "secondary" and a 14KV input... this should give you pleanty of power to charge the cap set... even a 240 "secondary" with a 14KV input should charge the caps in a relativatly decient time frame... but you will need some type of ballast to keep the current to 20 A at 120 vac....

have you done the math to determine the charge rate of the caps and is there a specific time duration needed to charge them?? is the time between "recharges" rapid or is it more of a single pulse discharge on the caps and "it really doesnt matter" if it takes a couple of seconds to recharge type of situation??

it would help if you could supply us with the application you have in mind for your "system"

alot of knowledge resides on this list ... :) give us some specifics and we may just be able to tell you EXACTLY what you need and where to find it ... who knows maybe one of us has such a trannie sitting on a work bench collecting dust that needs a new home ....

Scot D

Tesla list wrote:

Original poster: NuclearFirestorm@xxxxxxx

I'm looking for a transformer and have had trouble finding what I'm after. I need a transformer with the following specs.

Primary: 120 V
Secondary: 10 kV (anything a little higher is okay)
Power: around 2.5 kVA

This is not for a tesla coil, it will be part of a capacitor charging power supply.

If anyone can point me to a distributor that offers this kind of transformer I would be very grateful.