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RE: Resulting static after TC runs

Original poster: "David Trimmell" <humanb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

The only time I observed real substantial residual charge off of a TC is
from my resonator that had a great big top C. The charge would accumulate on
the dielectric coating of the tertiary coil. My VTTC's and SSTC's have only
hade small secondary capacitances so they have not provided the same

David Trimmell

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I believe that the top end capacitor can retain some charge, but this
is a rather weak charge. I suspect that this weak charge strongly
influence the accumulation of settling charges from the ionized gas
surrounding the coil. The separated static charge then sits atop the
first rate insulation that they put on the wire.

Two part resonant coils are like static charge sponges. You can draw a
spark to ground from either coil, or get a particularily nasty spark
between the two coils.