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RE: Resulting static after TC runs

Original poster: "Derek Woodroffe" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>"I believe that the top end capacitor can retain some charge" I don't think it can, Its connected to ground via a dc path , the secondary.

>Further to my note at the bottom of this piece:
>If the explanation about the "last swing" is correct, then the effect would
be noticeable with a coil operated with a >single shot of energy. The fact
that one can get bites off the secondary of a SG coil after a reasonably
long run but not >(that I've noticed anyway) after a single shot can't be

My Idea is that the charge is the accumulation of all of the half waves over
the period of a run. If a coil was running in bursts of 1.5 cycles, then
there would be a net -ve or +ve charge, over the run. An electronic coil
(OLTC, SSTC, DRSSTC) running in bursts could easily always run with and odd
half cycle due to the accuracy of the length of the burst. An individual
pulse (1/2 cycle) would still add charge, but not nearly as much as a long
run of hundreds of pulses. The question is, is the effect more with short
bursts at high BPS than long bursts at low BPS ? With regard to Spark Gap
coils, has anyone ever researched if an SGTC tends to quench more often on a
+ve or -ve half cycle ?