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Re: Advice on secondary

Original poster: Steve Ward <steve.ward@xxxxxxxxx>


How did you determine the Q of your coil?  Was this measured?  Im just
curious if you had a nice process for accurately measuring it (since i
dont know how to take form material into account in theory).

Just a side comment about cardboard forms.  I used a sono-tube form
for my big DRSSTC.  I removed the outer layer of paper with the
writing on it and put 2 coats of varnish on it.  Sanded it then wound
the coil.  Its 8"x45" and has produced nearly 12' sparks so far.  Im
very curious to find out the Q of this coil though, as the idea of the
cardboard form still worries me a bit.

Steve W

> I have a spacewound secondary wound on some thickwall sewer pipe
> (no previous sealing or other treatment) which has a Q in excess of
> 300 at 165kHz. With Q's that high, differences in dielectric
> dissipation are a non-issue. The only secondary I wound which came a
> cropper was wound on some sonotube-type stuff with the tar paper
> removed. It was largish, spacewound and its Q barely clocked in
> around 40 with powered results to match. It was varnished but I
> didn't bother to dry the stuff prior to coating. My fault of course.
> Malcolm