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RE: Low Impedance Negative Resistance Tesla Coils

Original poster: "Steve Conner" <steve.conner@xxxxxxxxxxx>

>I have often been struck by the theoretical implications of negative
>resistance in regenerative antennae and have wondered about their
>application to TCs.  It would be attractive to design a TC coil where DC
>resistance is eliminated and 100% of input power  is devoted to output
>reactive power only.

This sounds like "free lunch" city. But in a way it's also a description of a *SSTC. We replace the spark gap with a solid-state driver that is fed from the system's own output so the whole thing oscillates in a feedback loop. This is in fact what used to be called "regeneration".

Dual resonant SSTCs are more efficient than spark gap coils, but this is
just because transistors switch more efficiently than spark gaps, there is
no "negative vortex energy" getting pulled out of the "aether" as far as I
know ;)

Finally I would remind you that the aim of a Tesla coil is to deliver real
power to a streamer load, and the reactive power is just something we put up
with because we want the resonant rise associated with it.

Steve C.