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RE: advice on secondary

Original poster: "Lau, Gary" <gary.lau@xxxxxx>

I have never heard evidence that PVC as a secondary form is measurably
inferior to anything else, although there is evidence that Sonotube
forms are inferior to plastics in CW applications.  Mechanically, PVC is
far superior to Styrofoam.  Please share the basis for your opinion?

Gary Lau

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> Hello Ben
> Consider using Styrofoam for your secondary coil form, it will
> outperform P.V.C.  You can glue a 3/8 inch maple dowel between
> laminations of Styrofoam and use an electric drill for a lathe. (A
> steel hook eye in a board makes a good support for the other end of
> the dowel.)   36 grit sandpaper against the spinning foam makes for
> rapid and precise stock removal. A layer of clear plastic tape on the
> surface of the Styrofoam will give a good surface to wind on.