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Re: Bald-faced Quackery in the Name of Tesla

Original poster: "Christoph Bohr" <cb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello All.

This ducument ist really one of the worst I have ever seen.
The "field penetrates objects by osmosis" part ist one of the "best" ;-)
However, Tesla himself had some pretty strange treatments
that he felt would give him back his youth, not all of them really
On the other hand he got quite old and survived all of his dangerous
experiments, who knows?... mmmh, I think I better stop this here.



> Original poster: "BART" <BAPLATING@xxxxxxx>
> Hi All,
>     I just cant understand how people like this, can take advantage
>   of folks who don't know about the facts of physics, folks who are just
> looking for some sort of answer in their problems dealing with life.
> This is just not right!
> Nikola would not have liked this.