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Re: bjt emitter current rating

Original poster: robert heidlebaugh <rheidlebaugh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Usualy yes, but not  always. The majority of transistors have a higher
emitter rating than the collector. The exceptions are in power transistors
that have very high base current ratings and the internal connector wires
will not stand the totol Ic and Ib max combination so the max Power of the
collector is less than the combination  of Ib/Ic x Ec. As long as you do not
exceed the max power you are safe. an example is the RCA 40411 the Ic max is
15 amps the Ib is 15 amps  The emmitter can not stand 30 amps. This
transistor is about the best made it is real hard to kill. I've tried.
       Robert   H

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> Subject: bjt emitter current rating
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> hi guys i was hoping someone might be able to tell me is the emitter
> current rating of a npn transistor same as the collector rating if someone
> could shed some light on this i would be greatful