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RE: Homemade caps == too much like work???

Original poster: "Gary Weaver" <gary350@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

You must have made a mistake in your calculations.  I use to use glass and
aluminum foil many years ago.  It works fine but it has a very bad power
loss.  Not sure how much loss exactly 50% at least.   Glass gets hot after
a short run and it breaks.   Try glass jars filled with salt water it is
very easy to make.  Glass again too bad power loose.  Wrap the outside of
the jars with aluminum foil.  Set all the jars on a sheet of aluminum foil
to make the connection to all the jars.   Fill the jars with salt water and
put a jumper wire between all the salt water to make the connections.   You
can add more jars very easy to get a higher uf value.


Gary Weaver

> [Original Message] > From: Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> > To: <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> > Date: 1/26/2005 12:56:39 PM > Subject: Homemade caps == too much like work? > > Original poster: "Chris Watkins" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> > > I thought I'd use glass and foil, but the way it figures... I'd end up with > a stack of glass, foil, and separators taller than I am. Not much better > with the liquor bottles I was trying. Looked like I'd need a bathtub full. > > I think I may break away from the "crap coil" attempt, at this point. > I'll revisit the concept later, when I'm more experienced. Like the caps-- > I'll probably be better off just making up a nice MMC and being done... > instead of throwing stuff together and not knowing what I really have. > > > I do have what I'll at least "attempt" to use as my first power source: > http://tesla.rcfriendly.com/ > > I think I'm through messing with it at all, until I make/buy a topload, and > take measurements to work backwards from, while finalizing a design. > Currently, I'm torn between building one of Terry's Tuners, or aquiring a > used scope and signal generator from Ebay or a hamfest or something. > > > Meanwhile, I'm still lurking and hopefully learning :-) > > > > > -- > Chris >