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RE: Big Coil

Original poster: "david baehr" <dfb25@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Thats only about 690 turns on the sec. ? I have #26 wound to a length of 23.5" ,'bout 1300 turns , 1/4" copper tube pri. tapped at the 12th turn with a .02mfd rolled (TCBOR ) cap and a 6" by 26" toroid , imput APROX 2600-2800 watts,......so much for the 1500turn rule , hey ? I was running this same set up with a #22 wire sec. before, there may have been a slight improvement with the smaller wire.....I do have an extra 36" by 7" toroid hangin' around, and an exta .02 cap, it may be time to get a little crazy and try it out !
Oh, wat was your input ? kVA ? thanks,dave
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>Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 16:50:45 -0700
>Original poster: "Ken Jenkins" <thecompman@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Hi David,
>The coil was 4" PVC wound 30" 18g Hi VOLT, I TEMP mag wire.
>Pri-- 7 turns of 00 fine strand welder cable solenoid wound on
> 38"x8" vent ducting on top of 3"x12" top load
>2 MAX caps 45Kv ..03uf
>8 brake air quenched RSG
>10Kva pig.
>I was getting the best operation running on 2 legs of 3 phase 208v
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>80" sparks from a 4.5" coil !!! WOW, could you give me a few specs
>on your
>coil ?