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RE: Big Coil

Original poster: "Ken Jenkins" <thecompman@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi David,
The coil was 4" PVC wound 30" 18g Hi VOLT, I TEMP mag wire.
Pri-- 7 turns of 00 fine strand welder cable solenoid wound on plastic
 38"x8" vent ducting on top of 3"x12" top load
2 MAX caps 45Kv ..03uf
8 brake air quenched RSG
10Kva pig.
I was getting the best operation running on 2 legs of 3 phase 208v

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Original poster: "david baehr" <dfb25@xxxxxxxxxxx>

80" sparks from a 4.5" coil !!! WOW, could you give me a few specs on your coil ? I'm gettin' just over 48" with my 4" coil,....,,,,Hmm, thinking back, my very first coil was about 4" dia. , pvc wire on an ol' carpet roll tube with glass plate caps and single spark gap , discharge was about 4" , Look how far we have come!!

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 >Hi All,
 >I fried my 4.5" coil last night, I was getting 80" strikes at 14Kv
 >:). But
 >you all know how it goes from there---MORE,MORE,MORE. So I flipped
 >switch and fed it 24Kv. It went up like a 4th of July sparkler ;(
 >Well now to build a \\BIG// coil, I have a
 >pig, 2 max-caps 45KV/30nf each. I want as large as the PS can
 >handle. So any
 >Thanks for the input.
 >Ken J.
 >Wow, that is a lot of power for a 4.5" secondary.  80" is good
 >performance for that size coil.  The most power I have fed my 6"
 >coil is about 7.5 kva - and I don't think it can take much more.
 >With the power supply you have available, I don't think a 10" or 12"
 >secondary would be out of line at all.
 >So, did the secondary develop racing sparks and burn up?
 >Ed Sonderman