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RE: Big Coil

Original poster: "Ken Jenkins" <thecompman@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Ed
Thanks, I have some pics I need to get posted. as for racing sparks..
More like ground rail strikes the length of the secondary, then the coating
went up in flames.
I'll miss it as it was my first coil 14 years ago, I am thinking of 24"
fiberglass core but not sure if I have the power.
Any Ideas....anyone?
Ken J.

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Hi All,
I fried my 4.5" coil last night, I was getting 80" strikes at 14Kv :). But
you all know how it goes from there---MORE,MORE,MORE. So I flipped the
switch and fed it 24Kv. It went up like a 4th of July sparkler ;( !!!
Well now to build a \\BIG// coil, I have a 120/240--14,400/23,800--10Kva
pig, 2 max-caps 45KV/30nf each. I want as large as the PS can handle. So any
Thanks for the input.
Ken J.


Wow, that is a lot of power for a 4.5" secondary.  80" is good performance
for that size coil.  The most power I have fed my 6" coil is about 7.5 kva
- and I don't think it can take much more.  With the power supply you have
available, I don't think a 10" or 12" secondary would be out of line at all.

So, did the secondary develop racing sparks and burn up?

Ed Sonderman