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RE: Advice on Secondary

Original poster: "Medina, Benjamin Alejandro (UMR-Student)" <bamxbb@xxxxxxx>


Hello. How are you? Thanks for your reply and suggestions. Sorry I took
this long to reply but I have been busy with school stuff.

Ok, well we're done with the secondary. 4"x30" PVC with 1" free on both
ends wounded with 22 AWG wire, about 1050-1100 turns.

We are shooting for our first trial on the 2nd week of February.
Depending on how that goes, we will go with a 6" diameter PVC and/or MMC
caps. We'll see how it goes. Thanks for your comments.

Our goals are to get the longest sparks. There is another Tesla Coil
Group in our senior design class, so we are competing vs each to see
gets optimum performance...

I read somewhere that spark length depends more on the input power than
# of turns. Certainly, the more # of turns, the better.

Ben Medina

>I am currently building a medium size Tesla Coil. Here are some of the
>NST - 15kV/30ma


Much depends on your goals.  If you do want to get the maximum
performance, then it may help to use the greater number of turns
either by using a thinner wire or by using a fatter secondary coil.
For example you could make the coil 6" dia by 30" tall, and use
the 22awg wire (assuming you have the room, or do not need to
have a compact design).  This larger size would be well suited to being
scaled up to a higher input power at some time in the future.