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Terry's DRSSTC - IGBT Drive Cards

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi All,

Tonight I bench tested the last part of my DRSSTC.  Finally!!

These are the IGBT drive cards mounted on top of each other to save a little space:


There are four circuits like this:



So I fired one up with a bench power supply under no load:


Puts out a nice solid square wave to about 27+ volts. The output turns on to the 5 volt level in about 180nS and the 27V rise time is in the 120ns range:


The turn off is much faster with about 60nS delay and 40nS fall time:


Do note again that there is no load in these tests, but all looks fine :-))
The IC socket and the big cap are a tight fit and a label was "S" for source instead if "E" for emitter, but otherwise the board layout was fine ;-)

Next I will wire it all together on the bench to see if all the boards work well together and then comes mounting it all up!!