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Re: How to know when a coil is tuned the best

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Also, when tuning a coil, how do you know it's tuned?

When actually tuning a physical coil it will give the longest
sparks when it's properly tuned.  For example suppose
you have 12 turns in the primary for a particular coil.  When
you tap the primary at the correct turn, you'll get the best
sparks.  But if you move the tap position by a few turns, you may
lose the spark output altogether, or greatly degrade the
performance, or get racing sparks, etc.  Usually if you
tap to the proper turn you'll get best sparks, but sometimes
tapping more precisely to the best 1/2 turn, or best 1/4
turn position will give a little better performance.  Bottom
line..... keep trying new tap positions until you get the
longest sparks.  Always shut down everything and unplug
the coil for safety whenever approaching or adjusting the
coil between tests.  In the early phases of adjusting, if
the coil gives no visible spark output at all, sometimes
viewing in a dark room will permit seeing at least some very slight
perhaps 1/4" long corona off the toroid.  A sharp point on the
corona helps to create some visible corora.  Once you see
some corona, then you can try different tap points to see
which direction improves the output, and go from there.