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Re: More three phase fun...

Original poster: "Hydrogen18" <hydrogen18@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

On a similiar notion, you might find a big 1 phase motor and a big 3 phase
generator at a scrapyard. Hopefully, you'd know what to do with it.

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> Original poster: "Jim Lux" <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> > > OK.. here's another idea. > > You want a BIG coil, drawing a bunch o' power (say, 10kVA +) > > you want to run off three phase (so you can use primary side chokes and > resonant charging) > > You want to be reasonably portable (as in, it can be towed behind a > reasonable sized SUV) > > You don't want to fool with all sorts of idler motors, big boxes of > capacitors and such like to draw the 10kVA from your single phase service at > home (although, 10kVA is only 40A from the 240V service) > > You want to "own" the gear, as opposed to renting a big generator each time > you play with the coil. > > > Get 3 inexpensive gasoline powered generators... (e.g. Coleman power mate > 3750W @ 249 from PepBoys, etc.) > http://www.colemanpowermate.com/generators/pm0523202_17.shtml > > Run them in parallel, phased 120 degrees apart. > > Now... you're going to say, How in the world do you do that?? > I'm not sure, yet, but I suspect you can do it the same way you can parallel > two generators.. You start them both, measure the relative phase (connect > the "neutral" on both, put a lightbulb between the "hot", and adjust the > speeds until the lightbulb stays out) and adjust until in phase, then > connect the two together, after which, they'll remain locked (except for > some potential problems with resonance, governor mismatches, etc.) > > So, I think, if you had some sort of "three phase" intertie (a smallish > zigzag transformer, or even a small three phase motor), you could do this. > The key is the intertie.. if one generator slows down a bit (retarding the > phase), then it needs to draw less power, so it can catch up. > > Yes, these cheap generators are just that... cheap, noisy, etc. However, > you're running a big (presumably noisy) tesla coil with them. They're also > heavy! 100 pounds each. > > I recognize that a "better" solution is probably to get a surplus 20kVA 3 > phase genset. > > > >