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Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Tesla list wrote:
> Original poster: "Medina, Benjamin Alejandro (UMR-Student)" <bamxbb@xxxxxxx>
> Hello, I live in Rolla, Missouri and I am currently designing my first
> Tesla Coil. This is for my Senior Design Class as part of the Electrical
> Engineering Undergraduate Curriculum at UMR (University of Missouri
> Rolla).
> I wanted to know when the next TESLATHON will be held. What is the
> nearest TESLATHON to Rolla, MO?
> I will keep you guys updated as to how my project and construction goes.
> Thanks.
> Regards,
> Ben Medina


	Wonder if you've been to the Columbia campus and if you know anything
about what happened to a big Tesla coil which was in the EE lab as early
as 1940.  Used a rotary gap but don't remember any of the other physical
details.  My dad was an ME prof so used to spend quite a bit of time on
campus and remember the St. Patrick's day shows the engineering school
used to have.