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Re: vacuum pump repair

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

It's a little late to ask this, but are you sure the pump needs repair
to do the job you want?  I use an old Welch pump whose last repair date
is marked 1/24/54 as a forepump and it still works OK, pulling a couple
of microns or better.  If the shaft seals don't leak (can be replaced
for a lot less than you quote for an overhaul) odds are that, with clean
oil, it will work pretty well after a few hours running.

	I have two of these pumps which were pulled out of old CRT repair
stations.  I use one for pumping wet stuff and vacuum degassing and the
other with a diffusion pump and they both work OK.  Not as good as new,
but plenty usable and the price was right.