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vacuum pump repair

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This is somewhat off topic, but I plan to use this pump with tesla coil
projects, do to the corrosive gasses from discharges. I'd rather not
destroy my new direct drive pump on stuff like that.

Anyone here experienced at oil sealed rotary vacuum pump repair? I'm
trying to determine if a monster pump I just got is worth the $260 for a
major rebuilt kit. It's a Precision D150, has been stripped and mostly
cleaned, but there are signs of corrosion. I can provide more photos of
the extent of this.

This part is fine, just needs cleaning:

There is wear on the plates between the stators. I'm not too worried about
this. The worn areas that touch the rotor feel like rough paper.

the second stage stator has a rough feel to it, vs. the first stage. You
cannot really see it clearly, but there are very fine grooves worn in
them. You can feel them easily on the second stage side.

I can sandpaper them smooth again, but I'm not sure if that will have a
big impact on operation. Major rebuilt kits include new vanes.



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